Discrimination Attorney

Discrimination Attorney

In the United States discriminatory behavior is generally against the law, especially if the discrimination is practiced by an official organization or persons associated with those organizations.

Discrimination means that you draw a distinction between yourself and another person based on some perceived element in the other person that you feel makes them different or inferior than yourself.

There are several types of illegal discrimination. Major types of discrimination include a distinction based on a person’s perceived sex, race, religion, age, disability, and income level.

Discrimination by the US Government

Some forms of discrimination are commonly practiced by governments and ruling bodies of cities, states, and even the country. Some forms of discrimination are legal, however. Discrimination based on a person’s nationality is legal in certain forms, such as employment and residency.

Some forms of discrimination were widely practiced by the US government but were later found to be in violation of the constitution. These forms included discrimination based on race, in the form of segregation, and sex, in the form of not allowing women to vote.

Religious Discrimination

Religious discrimination has historically been the source of numerous wars and has resulted in the deaths of millions of people worldwide. Discrimination based on a person’s religious beliefs is a highly debated topic in the United States because the government is supposed to be separate from any religious favoritism.

Religious discrimination occurs frequently on a social level, but can also occur in the business world as well. Office parties or school events with Christmas themes may be seen as discriminatory to people who are not Christians, for example.

Age Discrimination

Discrimination also occurs based on age, when a person is refused a job because of their perceived age, or a person is given a job based on their age.

Typically, some forms of age-discrimination, such as a driving license test or medical issues, are legal and widely accepted and practiced.

Sex Discrimination

One of the most accepted and practiced forms of discrimination is based on sex, and mainly takes place against women because they are women.

This form of discrimination is most obvious in the workplace, where most major corporations have very few women in roles of leadership, despite the narrowing of the gender gap in education and professional degrees.

Reverse Discrimination

Several instances of reverse discrimination have been recently occurring in certain places as well. Reverse discrimination has allegedly taken place in determining many university scholarships that may limit the number of certain racial or ethnic people from applying and obtaining the funds or university entrance.

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