Doctor's Bills

Doctor's Bills

Following a traumatic personal injury, patients and families will be dealing with intense physical and emotional pain. In the most severe situations, emergency medical care will need to be followed by months or years of doctor's visits, prescription drug treatments and/or various therapies.

In no time at all, the cost of doctor's bills can skyrocket, compounding the stress that injured patients and families are combating.

Compensation for Hefty Doctor Bills

However, if a patient’s injuries were caused by another person or party, he or she will likely be entitled to compensation to help pay for doctor's bills and long-term treatment needs by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party(s).

These patients should meet with a personal injury attorney, once their health is stabilized, to:

• Find out if they have a case.
• Learn more about the process of filing, compiling and winning a personal injury lawsuit.
• Get information about settlements in lawsuits similar to their own.
• Get advice on whether pursuing an individual case or joining a class action lawsuit is best for their situation and needs.

Types of Injuries Compensated Via Personal Injury Lawsuits

A variety of injuries can form the basis of personal injury claims, as long as those injuries were caused by another person's:

• intentional harm
• negligence
• recklessness

Most commonly, injuries that form the basis of personal injury lawsuits include:

• asbestos cancer, including mesothelioma
• birth injuries, including cerebral palsy
• traumatic brain injuries
• heart attack and/or stroke (typically resulting from drug side effects)
• neck and spine injuries, including erb's palsy

In most cases, the damage caused by these severe personal injuries will be incurable and will demand lifelong treatment, including:

• hospital visits
• occupational therapy
• physical therapy
• prescription drugs
• speech therapy
• surgeries
• palliative care (this treatment is aimed at improving the patient's quality of life via specialized equipment, including wheelchairs, voice-activated computer programs, etc.)

Get help paying for these vital treatments by starting a personal injury lawsuit today.

How to Start a Personal Injury Lawsuit to Help Pay for Doctor's Bills

The first step to getting the compensation you need to pay for doctor’s bills and ongoing treatment programs is to set up an initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer. To encourage affected individuals to stand up for their legal rights, most experienced attorneys offer free initial consultations.

Those who pursue their claim with the help of a personal injury lawyer will benefit from:

• Professional representation in court, mediation and/or arbitration proceedings
• Access to a network of experts who can help prove their claim when official testimony is needed to verify the personal injury
• Help negotiating with corporate lawyers and dealing with insurance agents.

Have you been injured and are facing hefty doctor bills? If so, contact us today to schedule a private consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney who will evaluate your case and fight to ensure you receive the compensation you need and deserve.

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