1 Personal Injury Lawyers was created in an effort to provide attorneys with a cost-effective way to advertise in their geographic area. It is our goal to develop 1 Personal Injury Lawyers into the premier source for helping consumers locate a trial attorney online.

Over 100 million adults use the Internet and this figure continues to grow each year. As the number of websites on the Internet increases (also estimated at over 100 million), it is becoming more difficult for firms to be found on a major search engine, such as Google, MSN, Yahoo or AOL.

At 1 Personal Injury Lawyers, we help drive traffic to your law practice and/or website by ranking on the first page of results for many terms which encompass Personal Injury Law, e.g. "car accidents", "personal injury lawyer" and "wrongful death".

We limit the number of law firms to 1 per metro area. This model eliminates any conflict from your competition and maximizes the number of contacts. Simple idea, right?

If you would to like sponsor a metro and be featured on a number of additional eJustice directory websites related to personal injury, contact us at 877-357-8423.

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