Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is a criminal act of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in the United States. People are protected from any behavior from anyone making unwelcome sexual advances on them.

Sexual harassment also consists of verbal and non-verbal requests for sexual favors, or any other verbal or non-verbal action that is of a sexual nature and interferes with the ability of someone to work or go about their public business.

Sexual Harassment can Come from Anyone

Types of federally defined sexual harassments include that the victim and the harasser may be male or female. The sexual harasser can be the victim’s boss, an employee, co-worker, or supervisor.

The person who is a victim of sexual harassment does not have to only be the person who the harassment is directed toward (i.e. they can witness the harassment and be harmed from this witnessing).

Sexual harassment also occurs when the conduct of the person committing the crime is unwelcome, though this does not necessarily mean that if it is perceived to be welcome that it is not sexual harassment.

Examination Into Alleged Sexual Harassment

An examination into alleged sexual harassment usually takes place after a complaint has been made. The examination may be made by the company’s legal team, or by an outside law enforcement person.

In all cases, the nature of the sexual advances is taken into account, as well as the context, place, frequency, and any other important details. Co-workers or witnesses may be questioned as well. Each case of sexual harassment has its own set of circumstances and these need to be thoroughly examined.

Intimidation by Employer

A sexual harassment charge or defense should be done through the experience of a good personal injury or sexual harassment law firm. Often, employers can intimidate employees from potential sexual harassment suits by threatening to fire or otherwise penalize the employee.

Such behavior is additionally criminal and should be reported to a law office at once. Many cases of sexual harassment suits are done on a contingency basis, meaning that the plaintiff only pays their lawyers if their lawsuit is successful.

Preventable in the Workplace and Public

In all circumstances, sexual harassment should be prevented both in the workplace and in public. Only through a careful program of sensitivity training and sexual harassment awareness can incidents be reduced.

Many workplaces have such training in place for their employees due to the number of high profile sexual harassment cases that have occurred recently.

Sexual Harassment can Lead to more Violent Crimes

Sexual harassment is not a light matter, even if the actual incident may not include any physical touching. Recent studies have shown evidence that repeated sexual harassment may be as emotionally damaging to people as acts of physical violence.

In some cases, a charge of sexual harassment may be unwarranted. Circumstances surrounding the case may find that there was actually no harassment, or that the person filing the charge had a grudge against the other person for some reason.

Please contact experienced sexual harassment legal teams have years of knowledge trying all types of sexual harassment cases and are the first step in a quick and helpful finish to an otherwise unpleasant ordeal.

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