Invasion of Private Occupancy

Invasion of Private Occupancy

Invasion of private occupancy is an area of the law most often invoked in renter/landlord disputes where a landlord or agent of the landlord impedes, prevents, or intrudes upon a renter’s or relation of the renter’s right to privacy in their occupancy. 

This area of the law is very nebulous and changing because not all of the states and cities have clearly defined their terms. Overall, though, this law provides protection for people who rent places from others, be it apartments, houses, or other dwellings.  This guarantees the right to privacy for those people and the right to have access to the rental unit. 

Wrongful Entry

A “wrongful entry” is a type of invasion of private occupancy where a person actually physically enters the dwelling of a renter without giving proper notification or reason in doing so.  Often landlords or their agents (including building managers and company employees) can and do enter the dwellings illegally, even if the renter is there. 

If the landlord or their agents see or do anything that limits the renter’s freedom to privacy, then it is generally considered illegal.  If the landlord or agents act on what they saw while illegally on the premises, such as a wrongful eviction, that can be considered illegal as well. 

Invasion of Private Occupancy

Invasion of private occupancy expands the rights of the renter to include all time from the beginning of the rental agreement. Invasion of private occupancy may also include any non-physical activity on the part of a landlord or their employees.

In some cases of invasion of private occupancy may take place even before a person assumes a rental agreement.  In these cases, there is usually some form of discrimination that takes place that prevents someone else from having the right to enter into a rental agreement.  Again, these cases are complicated legal matters that vary from state to state, so the best course of action is to contact an experienced invasion of private occupancy lawyer immediately to see if you have a case. 

Full Legal Coverage

Full legal coverage of these rights include circumstances where a person has gained the right to rent and has signed a contract, but has not actually entered or had access to the dwelling.  In situations like this, the renter is fully covered by the legal rights given to them by the invasion of private occupancy laws.

If you or someone you know has had some conflict with a landlord and you believe it to be a violation of any right to private occupancy laws, your best and first course of action should be to contact a law firm.  Contacting an experienced law firm in your area through this website can allow our teams of experts to figure out the particulars of your case. 

If you fill in one of these contact forms with all of your situation’s particular details, a law firm will give you a free no-obligation consultation about your circumstances.  Only with the power of an experienced legal team can your invasion of private occupancy be fully remedied and solved.

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