Other Wrongs

Other Wrongs

Unfortunately, people are harmed by the wrongdoing of another person or entity everyday. While some personal injuries are clear cut, for instance an auto accident caused by a drunk diver, others may not fall into such a specific category.

Regardless of the type of wrongdoing, however, if you’ve been harmed by the negligence, recklessness or intentional harm of another party, you should know that you do have rights. By discussing your circumstances with an experienced personal injury lawyer, you may be able to recover compensation for your losses. For more information about your rights, contact us.

Types of Other Wrongs

Sadly, the list of potential “wrongs” is quite long. Some of the wrongdoings that our attorneys can help you with, include:

  • Toxic mold Exposure - especially prolonged, to toxic mold can cause serious, life-threatening health complications. Symptoms of toxic mold exposure may include: nosebleeds, chronic coughing, fatigue, muscle weakness and diarrhea.
  • Toxic tort - The term “toxic tort” refers to a personal injury caused by exposure to a toxic substance such as benzene, asbestos, or other toxic wastes.
  • False arrest - Being arrested for a crime that you did not commit can dramatically affect your life forever. The stigma that is often associated with criminal convictions may affect the future of your social relationships, career opportunities and reputation. If you’ve been arrested without clear evidence, you should exercise your legal rights and consult an attorney.
  • Wrongful eviction - Wrongful evictions refer to an instance in which a renter of a house, apartment, condo, or single room is kicked out of their home without a reason. Unfortunately, this occurs more often that one would like to admit. If you’ve been a victim of wrongful eviction, contact a lawyer for help.

Compensation May Be Available For the Wronged

If you’ve been wronged (in any way) by another party, you should fight to ensure he/she is held accountable for their actions. An experienced attorney can help you fight to recover compensation for damages, including:

  • Financial losses - including medical/hospital bills, costs of treatments and prescription medications and lost wages if the wrong interfered or prevented you from working
  • Emotional losses - including mental anguish and depression
  • Physical losses - including physical pain, permanent disabilities and disfigurement

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