Family Settles Accident Lawsuit for $400K

Family Settles Accident Lawsuit for $400K

A $400,000 settlement has been reached in a case involving an 11-year-old boy who suffered fatal injuries while playing indoor soccer.

Jorge Miguel Ventura Sanchez had been attending a traditional Mexican birthday celebration at Yamhill County Fairgrounds in July 2006 when he and a few of his friends entered a nearby building to play soccer.

During the game, he allegedly lunged for the ball and went crashing through a glass display case. The lawsuit claimed that the building should have been locked for safety reasons.

Under the terms of the settlement, neither Yamhill County nor the security company responsible for the building were required to admit any liability.

Ventura Sanchez was a student at Meadow View School in Eugene, Oregon. He had just completed the fifth grade.

(Source: Oregon Live)

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