$5M Suit Filed Against Scouts and LDS

$5M Suit Filed Against Scouts and LDS

A suit was recently filed in Idaho against the Boy Scouts and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A man filed the suit claiming that he was sexually abused by a scout leader as a child and that the church didn’t do enough to stop the abuse.

Lawsuit Details

The sexual abuse suit has been filed by a 53-year-old man who claims that Larren Arnold, who used to be the leader of the Nampa, Idaho, Boy Scout troop, abused him for three years.

The plaintiff says that the abuse began in 1967 and left him with physical, emotional and mental injuries.

Church Accused

According to the suit, the Boy Scouts Ore-Ida Council, the national Boy Scouts of America, and the church knew that there were nationwide abuse problems going on at the time within the institution.

“At least one church official, who served as the troop’s assistant scoutmaster, knew the abuse was occurring,” explains Kelly Clark, the attorney for the abused man. “We know for a fact that this guy was allowed to go on and abuse kids for several more years.”

Time of Abuse

The man, who has chosen for his identity to be kept confidential, claims that the abuse took place during scouting trips and various outings.

In 1985, Arnold was accused and charged with sexual abuse by another boy living in Bannock County.

(Source: Salt Lake Tribune)

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