Miner Killed in West Virginia Work Accident

Miner Killed in West Virginia Work Accident

A West Virginia coal miner was killed in a work accident Oct. 19. Victor Goudy, 58, died after being trapped between an underground locomotive and a rail car at a Consol Energy operation. 

According to statistics published by the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), Goudy is the 24th miner to die in a work accident this year, and the eighth West Virginian to die in a U.S. coal mine so far this year.

Third Fatal Accident in Five Years

According to reports, Goudy isn’t the first mine worker to die in the McElroy Mine. The two other fatal accidents at the McElroy mine in the past five years are:

  • August 2004- A miner died when a coal pillar collapsed and fell on him. 
  • January 2003- A methane explosion occurred while a team was building a ventilation shaft in the McElroy mine. The fatal explosion took the lives of three contract workers and left three others seriously injured. 

Some 740 mine workers at McElroy Mine produce around 10 million tons of coal each year. In addition to the McElroy Mine in West Virginia, Consol Energy operates 16 other mining complexes in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Utah and Ohio.  

(Source: Forbes) 

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