Adoptive Mother Sues Over Past Child Abuse

Adoptive Mother Sues Over Past Child Abuse

The woman who adopted a child abuse victim has filed a lawsuit claiming that officials acted negligently in failing to act on complaints, allowing the abuse to continue.

Anthony Soderberg of Taylor, Michigan was only three years old when he suffered third-degree burns over much of his body, according to the suit filed in district court.

The burns were caused by John Hastie, the 28-year-old boyfriend of Renee McCormick, Anthony’s natural mother. He put Anthony in a bathtub full of scalding hot water.

Hastie is serving a five- to 15- year sentence in prison for child abuse, first-degree, according to Michigan Department of Corrections records and the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, Tracy Soderberg, the aunt of Renee’s and adoptive mother of Anthony, claims that Child Protective Services did not act to prevent the abuse from happening despite repeated warnings.

The Details of the Case

According to the lawsuit, in January of 2001, Anthony’s grandmother, Lynn Ladd reported that Anthony was covered in bruises to child protective services about two months before he was burned. She also notified them that his arm had been broken twice in two months. Ladd, who reported the information anonymously, also identified Hastie as the abuser.

The lawsuit also states that an Oakwood hospital worker noticed the arm had been broken twice and also filed a complaint.

Despite the repeated complaints from various sources, the lawsuit alleges, nothing had been done by Feb. 9 when Ladd called Child Protective Services again.

A caseworker made a visit on Feb. 13, but the file was closed when Child Protective Services claimed that Anthony had not been abused, according to the complaint.

The case was later reopened when Anthony’s relatives persisted, but according to the suit, officials acted grossly negligent in continuing to not take any steps to prevent Anthony’s abuse and ensure his safety in the time leading up to the March 10 burning.

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