Man Seeks $4.6 Million in Age-Discrimination Suit

Man Seeks $4.6 Million in Age-Discrimination Suit

The former public safety chief at Capital University is suing the school and some of its staff for $4.6 million, claiming he was defamed, slandered, and discriminated against because of his age.

Richard G. Woods, of Bexley, Ohio, alleges that because of his age (54 years old), he was fired and replaced with a younger, less qualified applicant.

Woods also claims a professor and chairwoman of the university’s Faculty Senate defamed and slandered him, publicly saying that Capital had given him special benefits, including golf memberships and housing.

The lawsuit further claims that when Woods was first hired there two years ago, Capital had promised him employment until his retirement. He came to Capital University after having worked at Susquehanna University in eastern Pennsylvania for 17 years.

Woods was brought to Capital University by Donald Aungst, who was a coworker of Woods’ at Susquehanna. Woods was hired to help begin a professional police force to replace the University’s security guards.

The University’s attorney, Wesley Newhouse, claims that Woods was laid off because of the school’s budget problems, and because of “job performance issues.”

Newhouse also claims that Woods received only yearlong contracts and that there was no guarantee of employment beyond that.

Woods is asking for a trial jury in his suit, which was filed in late August.

Woods seeks monetary damages including $814,000 plus interest for the employment he was promised but will not receive, $3.5 million in punitive and compensatory damages for age discrimination, and $250,000 in punitive and compensatory damages for defamation and slander.

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