Aide Accused of Nursing Home Abuse

Aide Accused of Nursing Home Abuse

A teen aide employed by a nursing home in Montevideo, Minn. has been accused of physically, sexually and emotionally abusing six elderly residents.  Instances of the alleged nursing home abuse occurred over a six month period and were apparently witnessed by another aide.

Accusations of Nursing Home Abuse

The Minnesota Health Department has produced a report detailing the allegations of abuse against the aide.  It accuses her of the following acts:

  • Shoving her fingers in the cancerous vulva of a resident until she screamed
  • Dropping a resident on her bed from four feet, then laughing about it
  • Throwing stuffed toys on the floor that a resident suffering from dementia thought were her children
  • Giving lap dances to two male residents, baring her breasts to at least one of them.
  • Striking a resident in the face after they called the aide an offensive name.

Aide Suspended then Fired

The aide was immediately suspended once her abusive misconduct was reported.  Two weeks later the aide was terminated.

Aides who have been found to have mistreated residents are likely to be barred from future employment in nursing homes.

Witness Waited to Report Abuse

The Aide who witnessed the abuse waited months to report the misconduct.  The Minnesota Health Department’s report made no mention of disciplinary action being taken against the witness for failing to immediately report the abuse.

Minnesota’s vulnerable-adult law requires aides to report suspected abuse to their supervisor in a timely manner.  The law also states that nursing homes must educate aides on how to properly meet this requirement.

Aide Unlikely to Be Prosecuted For Alleged Abuse

County attorney Dwayne Knutson said that the charges against the teen aide, "probably will not go forward."  He outlined the primary reasons as to why the teen is unlikely to be held accountable for her alleged crimes:

  • All but one of the victims has dementia.
  • A man capable of talking about the abuse "was embarrassed” and unwilling to speak with authorities.
  • One of the women who were allegedly abused died of cancer last April, before the abuse was reported.
  • The accused teen is denying all charges.

“Without something stronger, we probably will not proceed,” Knutson conceded.

Health Department Says Nursing Home Abuse Uncommon

Darcy Miner of the Minnesota Health Department insisted that reports of nursing home abuse are uncommon.  She said cases involving multiple victims are quite rare.

In 2007, the Minnesota Health Department confirmed 68 cases of maltreatment, according to Miner.  She explained that cases typically involve workers who:

  • Yell at residents
  • Shake residents
  • Strike residents

Maltreatment of this kind is a typically a result of frustration while attempting to care for a resident who is confused or combative.

(Source: Star Tribune)

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