Alabama Pays $12.5M To Settle Abuse Cases

Alabama Pays $12.5M To Settle Abuse Cases

The state of Alabama has settled dozens of sexual and physical abuse lawsuits for $12.5 million. Each of the complaints stemmed from incidents that occurred at a Birmingham area youth detention center.  

In 2001, twelve girls filed an abuse lawsuit against the Department of Youth Services detention center in Chalkville and a number of its employees. More suits followed and 15 of the center’s employees eventually resigned or were fired.

According to the settlement agreement, each of the 49 girls will receive $255,000 from which they will have to pay their own legal expenses. Attorney Michael Kendrick has filed documents with the court stating that the judgment has already been paid.

The girls—who were all minors at the time the alleged abuse occurred—are now over 18.

(Source: Alabama Live)

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