Construction Worker Killed on Interchange in AL

Construction Worker Killed on Interchange in AL

A worker who was building an interchange near the ThyssenKrupp AG plant was recently killed in a construction accident.

The Alabama state Department of Transportation announced that the worker was killed Friday night from the accident.

Accident Takes Life

James R. Hall, 37, was reportedly operating a heavy piece of equipment in the late afternoon when he was crushed while trying to dismount the machine.

According to Kate Johnson, from the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, no one else was injured and the incident appears to be an accident.

However, Hall’s death is still being investigated to ensure there was no foul play.

Accident Under Investigation

Hall was an employee of RaCON, a company based out of Tuscaloosa that is in charge of the $15.7 million construction project.

The construction project is creating an interstate-style exit in addition to an overpass over adjoining railroad tracks.

Tony Harris and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Mobile office have begun an investigation regarding the accident.


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