Garbage Truck Company Faces Suit

Garbage Truck Company Faces Suit

When a garbage truck crashed into a family’s car in Houston, Texas two years ago, one of the victim’s lives was changed forever.

A suit was recently filed against the truck company by the family of the injured woman.

Accident Leaves Woman Crippled

Nancy Burnett,43, was reportedly driving on the Eastex Freeway when she slowed her car.

The Allied Waste truck behind her was unable to stop in time and collided into Burnett’s car.
According to police records, Burnett’s brain was instantly injured upon impact and several of her bones shattered.

Family Loses Mother

Her family says that she is still unable to walk and can only say two words: yes and no.

“We won’t have the mother that we knew once before-simple as that,” explains Nancy’s daughter, Victoria. “I know she has the knowledge that something might be wrong with her; that she’s not the person that she once was before.”

Trucking Company Stands Accused

The suit has been filed against the garbage truck company and claims that the truck was a “terribly unsafe and dangerous truck.”

Police who were on the scene claim that the brakes were out of adjustment when the accident occurred and investigators say that some key components in the braking system weren’t even properly attached.


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