Amputee Settles $2.2M Lawsuit After Workplace Accident

Amputee Settles $2.2M Lawsuit After Workplace Accident

A man whose right leg had to be amputated after it was crushed in a workplace accident has settled a lawsuit with his former employer, Consolidated Edison, for $2.2 million.

Mark Magierski, 57, was a lead mechanic on an underground cable pull in Port Richmond. On Sept. 13, 2000, while on the job, a cable snapped and a 50-pound block fell onto Magierski's back leg.

His right leg was crushed and suffered severe muscle damage and hyperextension in the knee. Magierski underwent 11 surgical procedures in an attempt to fix the leg, before it was amputated above the knee.

The personal injury lawsuit named Con Edison as a defendant as well as other companies that manufactured the cable equipment that was used.

In the settlement, Con Edison will pay Magierski $925,000 as well as $400 a week for workers' compensation, and continue to cover all medical expenses for treatment of injuries suffered in the incident.

General Machine Products Co. will pay $225,000 and Atlantic Cordage Corp. and Graywell Equipment Corp. are responsible for paying $75,000 each.

“One million, 10 million, it still doesn't give you your leg back,” Magierski said. “I never drove a car, so I walked every place; now I haven't been able to do that and I really miss it.”

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