Lawsuit Filed After Amtrak Crash

Lawsuit Filed After Amtrak Crash

A Michigan man recently filed a suit for the Chicago train crash that injured dozens of passengers.

The suit, which was filed earlier this week, named Amtrak and Norfolk Southern Freight Co. as defendants.

Passenger Injured

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of John N. Hamstra Sr., 63, who suffered from a broken shoulder and concussion when the Amtrak train suddenly collided with a freight train.

Hamstra and his family were reportedly hospitalized after the incident.

Train Crash Details

The accident occurred early in December when Amtrak’s Pere Marquette, which was traveling from Michigan, slammed into the back of a stopped freight train.

According to reports, the Amtrak engine climbed atop the last car of the freight while the Amtrak carriages stood upright on the tracks.

Suit Claims Negligence

The lawsuit holds the rail companies responsible for Hamstra’s injuries and claims they were negligent in causing the crash.

“We will get to the bottom of what happened here on behalf of the Hamstra family,” explains attorney Thomas Prindable. “The accident was a tragedy and it is fortunate that no one was killed given the speed of the trains.”


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