Amtrak Train Derails

Amtrak Train Derails

Late Wednesday night in Eastern Missouri, an Amtrak train derailed after striking boulders nearly the size of a car hood. No one was seriously injured in this train derailment accident, though eleven people suffered non life threatening injuries.    According to the Jefferson County Sheriff, the train was moving through a winding area at low speeds when it struck the rockslide in the middle of the tracks.  Investigators say the train wreck might have been much more serious, had the engineer not been forced to slow down given the terrain of the area.

Initially, it was unclear how many people had been on the Amtrak train at the time of the accident.  The Sheriff reported 130 passengers and crew members, while an Amtrak spokesperson reported 90 people on the train.

The Texas Eagle Amtrak train derailed 30 miles south of St. Louis near the town of Blackwell.  The engine of the train was found on its side with subsequent cars derailed upright, according to an Amtrak spokesperson.  The National Transportation Safety Board will soon be conducting an investigation into this train derailment accident.

Earlier Wednesday, a high speed Amtrak train slammed into a car in Connecticut, killing an eight-year-old boy and his grandmother.  This major train accident, which caused significant delays along the Boston-Washington corridor, will also be investigated by federal officials.

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