Senator Proposes Safety Law for Rides

Senator Proposes Safety Law for Rides

A lawmaker in Kansas plans to reintroduce legislation that would help ensure amusement park ride safety throughout the country.

Kansas is one of seven states that don’t regulate their rides, which leaves the state open to companies that are trying to dodge inspections in other parts of the country.

Amusement Parks: Not All Fun and Games

The proposal, being presented by Rep. Tom Sloan, comes in the aftermath of a string of accidents involving rides throughout the United States.

In June, a 13-year-old girl’s feet were cut off while she was on the Superman Tower of Power at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.

After doctors were able to reattach one of her feet, the girl was eventually released from the hospital.

At Rye Playland in New York that same month, a 21-year-old operator was killed when she was thrown from a ride.

Although most of the stories exposed to the public involve the larger theme parks, there are many church events and state fairs in America where accidents occur yearly.

Senator Takes Action

Sloan’s legislation was proposed 10 years ago but was opposed by lawmakers who were fearful that it would prevent festival organizers to get rides.

However, he is re-submitting the proposal in hopes that lawmakers will take these past events into consideration and aim at protecting Kansas’s residents from becoming victims.

The legislation would require the operators at carnivals and amusement parks to get safety inspections every time they set up at a new location.

The bill would also force private owners of rides to have documentation proving their rides are safe and their workers have had proper training.

“Our job is to do what we can to protect people, particularly when dealing with children,”explains Sloan. We need to be able to say we took every precaution to prevent an accident.”

“It needs to happen,” agrees Elmer Denning, a former assistant general manager of the Kansas State Fair, “because one of these days someone’s going to get hurt.”

(Source: CJ Online)

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