Amusement Ride Safety Questioned

Amusement Ride Safety Questioned

The procedure’s for the state of Wisconsin’s amusement ride safety program is currently being questioned after a young girl falls to her death.

Elizabeth Mohl, 16, was at the Christian music festival, Lifest, when she fell from the giant swing ride known as Air Glory.

Mohl was instantly killed from her amusement park accident injuries.

State Investigates Ride Safety

Since the incident, the state has launched an investigation into how it inspects and regulates the rides at local amusement parks.

“We are looking at everything from codes to staffing levels to training programs, IT systems, overall processes and procedures,” explains Mary Burke, the secretary of the state Department of Commerce.

Inspection Process

When inspections are done at amusement parks and inspectors discover problems, they reportedly order the owner to make repairs.

However, according to state records that were recently obtained by the Wisconsin State Journal in an Open Records Law Request, it can often be more than a year before inspectors recheck the rides that were claimed as being problematic.

Kathy Fackler, the president of Safeparks, explains that the inspection process differs from state to state.

“Wisconsin has a pretty middle-of-the-road inspection system,” claims Fackler.

Parents File Lawsuit

Officials have concluded that Mohl’s accident while on Air Glory was the result of human error.

Although Mohl’s parents never pressed criminal charges after the accident, they recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the ride’s owner.

(Source: Post Crescent)

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