Prescription Error Blamed for Car Crash

Prescription Error Blamed for Car Crash

A woman living in Arkansas was recently charged with a DWI and reckless driving after crashing into six cars.

The woman claims that the incident occurred due as a result of a prescription error.

Accused Woman Given Ambien

According to Jennifer Spaeth, 32, she was on her way to work when she picked up her migraine prescription at Vilona Drug and Florist.

The pharmacy reportedly realized after she left they had given her Ambien, a sedative prescribed to help people sleep, instead and called her work several times.

However, Spaeth was already on the road and had taken her medication.

“It was the label of her medication, and Ambien was in the bottle,” says her attorney Andrew Ballard.

Crashes Result from Mix-Up

Reports claim Spaeth backed out of a parking space and crashed into one car then pulled forward and crashed into another.

“I heard screeching tires and she hit the right side of the back of my car,” says Sean Francis, whose car was one of the six hit by Spaeth.

After getting on the highway and hitting three more cars, police finally stopped Spaeth and they claim she had fallen asleep five times while they were questioning her.

(Source: Arkansas Matters)

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