18,000 Body Armor Vests Recalled from Military Use

18,000 Body Armor Vests Recalled from Military Use

The US Army and Marine Corps have recalled 18,000 body armor vests after tests revealed that the armor failed to meet basic ballistic specifications.  Many of the vests are currently in use in Iraq.  The recall comes five years after the vests failed basic tests, but the failures were not heeded at the time, and officials have not commented on why they have been being used regardless of their inadequacies.

Point Blank Body Armor Inc, a company headquartered in Pompano Beach Florida, manufactured the vests.  The company also made some 5,000 vests that were recalled in May of this year by the US Marines.

The vests are worn as outer torso protection units and keep troops from being struck with bullets or other shrapnel.  The vests include the material Kevlar inside a stronger outer nylon wrapping.

The US currently has 153,000 troops serving in Iraq.  Almost 2100 have died and some 15,700 have been wounded since March of 2003.

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