Reported Increase in ATV Accidents

Reported Increase in ATV Accidents

Recent reports released by the federal government show that there is an increase in ATV injuries and deaths throughout the United States.

Based on these reports, it seems that ATV riding is as dangerous a sport as ever and the safety commissions around the country are becoming concerned.

ATV Statistics

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimated that there were 767 deaths and 136, 700 injuries relating to ATV’s in 2005.

According to this estimate, 30 percent of these deaths and injuries involved children younger than 16-years-old.

Although the report found a great deal of children are being affected by ATV accidents, the CPSC claims the age group with the largest injury increase in the past couple of years is the 45-54-year-old age group.

Safety Campaigns Being Launched

In the fall of last year the CPSC launched an educational campaign about the risks involved with ATV riding, including a website.

The new programs were created in hopes that the increase in information will reduce the risk taking behavior of ATV riders.

Consumer Advocates Makes Further Safety Suggestions

Consumer Advocates like the Consumer Union have also suggested that further safety pre-cautions be taken.

For instance, they believe that the CPSC should ban all ATV’s for children under a certain age.

They also suggest that the agency re-evaluate the dynamics of the crashes and develop mandatory safety standards to improve the overall safety of the vehicles.

(Source: The Jere Beasley Report)

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