Study Shows ATV Injuries on the Rise

Study Shows ATV Injuries on the Rise

According to recent reports, deaths and hospital visits related to ATV accidents use have more than doubled in the past decade alone.

A new study shows that young children are most likely to be harmed and endure serious injuries like skull fractures, brain injuries and hemorrhages while on these all terrain vehicles.

ATV Statistics

Statistics from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission show that 467 people across the country died from ATV-related injuries during 2005.

136,700 Americans were reportedly admitted to emergency rooms for ATV injuries.

In 1995, only 200 people had been reported as dead from an ATV-related accident.

Study Conducted

Dr. Chetan Shah, a radiologist at the University of Arkansas and his colleagues conducted a study to determine why injuries and deaths from ATV accidents have risen so dramatically in the past decade.

The researchers collected data on children treated for an ATV accident in an Arkansas hospital.

During this time, the hospital reportedly treated 455 children from six months old to 19 years old.

77 of these children suffered from skull fractures, 62 had hemorrhages, 53 had brain injuries and six died once admitted to the hospital.

Parents Allowing Young Children to Ride

The researchers found that many of the injuries occurred to children under the age of 16 and concluded that these injuries are due to the fact that these kids are too young to be riding on, and driving, an ATV.

“Parents need to understand that ATVs are not toys. We tend to think short-term and believe that we’re giving children a toy or some kind of entertainment with an ATV,” explained Dr. Shah. 

(Source: U.S. News)

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