ATV Recall Due to Loss of Control Hazard

ATV Recall Due to Loss of Control Hazard

Polaris Industries Inc., has recalled their 2006 Hawkeye 2x4 and Hawkeye 4x4 ATVs because of crash reports due to a faulty front bearing carrier.

About 9, 400 of these particular ATVs were distributed throughout the United States and Polaris is encouraging consumers to stop using the product immediately.

Why the Recall?

The firm that is connected with the CPSC voluntarily conducted the ATV recall. According to the report, the ATV’s front bearing carrier can fail due to an insufficient amount of material thickness in the area where the lower a-arm and the ball joint attach. This can result in the loss of control for passengers, which could potentially cause serious crashes and severe injuries.

According to reports, there have been 32 incidents of injuries because of the defective ATVs and three crashes have been reported.

The ATVs have been sold at Polaris dealers nationwide from August 2005 to August 2007 for around $3,000-$4,000.

What To Do Now

Polaris urges all consumers to immediately stop using the defective ATV and contact a Polaris dealer to take it in for a free repair.

Only the 2006 model produced prior to January 30 is included in this recall, but consumers are advised to contact Polaris in order to identify whether their model is dangerous.

Those with these Hawkeye models can find the (VIN) identification decal under the right-hand front fender or stamped on the lower portion of the frame behind the left front wheel.

(Source: Kansas City-InfoZine)

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