$3.4 Million Settlement in Aviation Accident Lawsuit

$3.4 Million Settlement in Aviation Accident Lawsuit

The parents of a flight school student who was killed in a plane crash were recently awarded $3.4 million in a settlement with the U.S. government.

Ford Cederblom and fellow student pilot, Damon Lott, were flying to Carlsbad, California from Arizona, when their plane crashed, killing them both. The subsequent investigation revealed that the crash was caused by erroneous instructions from an air traffic controller.

According to the accident report, the air traffic controller gave instructions to Cederblom that were intended for a different aircraft. As a result, Cederblom’s plane crashed into a California mountain.
The lawsuit held that the Federal Aviation Administration’s employees were negligent in their failure to use the plane’s full call sign and to recognize that the wrong plane was following the instruction.
U.S. District Judge Napoleon A. Jones Jr. wrote that money cannot compensate the Cederbloms, “for the loss of a beloved and exemplary son. In a sense, nothing material can.”

"It's money but it will never bring Ford back," said Ford’s mother, Linda Cederblom of Rathdrum, Idaho. She also said that the suit was not about money, but about “trying to right a wrong and wake up the government.”

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