$15.5M Award Given for False Arrest

$15.5M Award Given for False Arrest

A federal jury recently awarded Kevin Fox and his wife $15.5 million in what is believed to be the largest reward of its kind in Illinois.

The award was given after the jury concluded that Will County sheriff’s detectives had falsely arrested Fox for the sexual assault and murder of his three-year-old daughter, Riley.

Little Girl Found

Riley was reported missing on June 6, 2004 by her father.

About seven hours later, the little girl’s body was found half-naked at a creek near the family’s home.

Fox was immediately arrested and spent eight months in jail awaiting a trial.

Tests Prove Fox Innocent

When tests from Riley’s rape kit didn’t match Fox’s genetic profile, James Glasgow, the State’s Atty., released him.

“It was ten people on the jury, and they found I did nothing wrong. I was in the right,” stated Fox after his release.

The ten-person jury found Sgt. Edward Hayes, three of the sheriff’s deputies who worked as detectives under him and the estate of a fourth deputy responsible for the false arrest.

The men were also found liable for loss of consortium, which was a count brought on by Fox’s wife.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

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