Baby Thrown From Stroller; Wrongful Death Suit Filed

Baby Thrown From Stroller; Wrongful Death Suit Filed

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed last week by the parents of a 14-month-old girl who was killed when she was thrown from her stroller.

Last September, Alejandro Rodriquez, 49, crashed his van into Katherine Mosquera’s stroller, causing her to be ejected. Katherine landed on the street and was pronounced dead at the scene. Her godmother, Grace Beliz, 65, who was pushing the stroller, sustained minor injuries.

Katherine’s parents, Marguerite and Harry Mosquera, filed the lawsuit against Rodriquez, alleging that he was driving negligently and recklessly. Blood tests confirmed that he had cocaine in his system, but authorities have yet to determine if he was high at the time of the crash.

The lawsuit also named Union City, Hudson County, and the state of New Jersey, claiming that they were to blame for failing to “control, supervise, monitor, construct, design and plan a safe roadway.”

According to the claim, Katherine suffered “extreme pain, great physical and mental torment and fear in anticipation of death” as a result of the accident. The parents also cite their own financial and emotional suffering in the lawsuit.

Marguerite Mosquera said she would always remember the pain associated with the day her daughter was killed.

“I can’t explain in words how I felt but at that moment, I was in shock and it was the worst feeling anyone could go through: A nightmare,” she said.

Rodriquez is already facing charges of vehicular homicide for the death of Katherine Mosquera.

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