Banker wins $7.25 million in personal injury LASIK lawsuit

Banker wins $7.25 million in personal injury LASIK lawsuit

A New York investment baker has won $7.25 million in damages because vision impairment he claims resulted from his Oct. 6, 2000 LASIK eye surgery performed by the TLC Laser Eye Center. The personal injury lawsuit is the largest jury award to date involving the popular vision correction procedure.

Mark Schiffer, then 32 at the time, claimed he suffered distorted and blurred vision, particularly in his left eye because the TLC-affiliated doctors failed to determine that he had keratoconus, a degenerative corneal condition that made the laser surgery unsafe. TLC has surgery centers nationwide, and the then medical director of TLC, who also has his own practice, performed Schiffer’s surgery.

Schiffer’s lawyer argued the failure to diagnose keratoconus was the result of TLC’s high volume practice, which he referred to as the “McDonalds of LASIK surgery.” At the time of the LASIK surgery, Schiffer was working at an investment-banking firm, but he testified he was forced to leave the high-paying job because of the impaired vision he later suffered.

A graduate of Yale University and the Wharton School of Finance, Schiffer has since taken a job with his father’s Long Island banking security company. The suit is the largest award to date over LASIK – with $4.5 million in lost income and $2.75 million in pain and suffering.

Previously, the largest reported verdict in a LASIK personal injury suit was a $4 million award involving a former United Airlines pilot who claimed the eye correction surgery ruined his night vision and made him unable to fly.

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