Bausch & Lomb Sued Over Contact Solution

Bausch & Lomb Sued Over Contact Solution

A professional racecar driver has filed a lawsuit against Bausch & Lomb claiming their defective product caused permanent painful injury to his eyes.

The lawsuit was filed on the behalf of Terry McMillen, who claims Bausch & Lomb’s ReNu contact lens solution with MoistureLoc caused him to develop a fungal eye infection and required him to have corneal replacement surgery.

The Recall

In May last year, the Food and Drug Administration issued a statement supporting the permanent withdrawal of the ReNu solution with MoistureLoc because the product was linked with more than 100 cases of Fusarium Keratitis, a rare fungal infection of the eye.

This was after FDA and Center for Disease Control officials completed an investigation of the plant at which the solution was manufactured and found several violations.

Bausch & Lomb issued a worldwide recall of its product that month.

The product is not to be re-introduced.

As early as 2005, a similar outbreak of this rare infection also occurred in Asia, and prompted Bausch & Lomb to pull the product there.

Recovering Compensation

Seth A. Katz, one of the lawyers preparing the case, said, “These cases present very serious, painful, and life-long injuries to the victims. We believe at the end of the day the evidence will demonstrate that the company knew about the problem but delayed in making a disclosure, which, among other things, delayed a proper diagnosis and treatment.

“The company has repeatedly stated in its press releases that ‘if there’s a problem with our product, we’ll fix it.’ Removing the product from the market was only one step in the process to fix this problem; compensating the victims is another step that the company must take.”

Harmed by ReNu Contact Lens Solution or Another Defective Product?

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