Lawsuit Filed for Swimming Mask Accident

Lawsuit Filed for Swimming Mask Accident

A lawsuit was recently filed in Oregon regarding a swimming pool accident, which forced a little girl to have her nose amputated.

The girl, who was a Beavercreek resident, lost her nose due to an incident involving a swimming mask two years ago.

Day of Swimming Gone Wrong

Lindsey E. Fox, who was eight at the time of the accident, was swimming in a relative’s pool when her cousin came down the slide next to her.

The cousin’s foot reportedly struck Lindsey’s mask and shattered the glass in it.

According to Fox’s attorney, James G. Breathouwer, one of the pieces of glass didn’t shatter and instead acted as a knife, severely cutting her nose.

“Luckily the family had the presence of mind to retrieve the nose, which they found floating in the pool,” says Breathouwer. “A very skillful surgeon was able to reattach it.”

Victim Files Lawsuit

Since the incident, Fox filed a suit against the company who manufactured the mask, American Underwater Products, and is seeking more than $778,000 in damages.

The suit is also seeking $28,000 in noneconomic damages.

(Source: The Oregonian)

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