Bicycle Accident Prompts New Law

Bicycle Accident Prompts New Law

Statistics show that since 2004, roughly 54 cyclists have been killed in bicycle accidents on  America’s roadways.

House Bill 3314 was recently approved by senate due to the death of a cyclist and the pleas of a widow.

What Will HB 3314 Do?

This new law enforces stricter penalties on those who cause death or injuries while driving carelessly.

Under HB 3314, a class A traffic infraction will be inflicted on those who harm innocent cyclists, skateboarders and those on tractors while driving.

Drivers who receive a class A infraction will be subject to large fines, community service and a loss of their driver’s license for an extended period of time.

Death of Admired Cyclist Motivates HB 3314

Mary O’Donnell, the wife of Timothy O’Donnell, an avid cyclist who was killed on June 9 in a car collision on a Portland road, has become known as the fighter behind HB 3314.

Timothy was on an annual bike ride with members of the Portland Velo Club’s A17 group when he was struck by Jennifer Knight and thrown from his bike.

Knight was charged with careless driving and for having a suspended license, but faced no jail time for Timothy’s death.

In a letter pleading with the senate, Mary O’Donnell wrote, “I would rest easier if I knew that this senseless tragedy could bring some good. Please make that happen.”

The Sentate Agrees

“The tragic death of Timothy O’Donnell compelled the media to write in support of this bill,” claims Scott Bricker, policy director for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance in Portland. “Our perspective is that for these families, something has to be done.”

(Source: Forest News Times)

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