AMD Sued for Boy's Birth Defects

AMD Sued for Boy's Birth Defects

A woman in Texas recently filed a suit against Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Austin Regional Clinic.

The suit claims that AMD is responsible for the birth defects that her son has.

Mother Takes Legal Action

Maria Ruiz’s son, Ryan, was supposedly born with a missing right arm and will have lifelong cognitive deficits.

Ruiz formerly worked at AMD cleaning the rooms and claims that in the course of her employment she was wrongfully exposed to hazardous chemicals.

On two separate occasions Ruiz allegedly sought treatment due to inhaling chemical fumes.

She blames the company for not warning her about the potential harm the exposure to such chemicals could cause to her and her offspring.

“Like millions of Americans, Maria Ruiz did not realize that ‘clean rooms’ are designed to keep damaging dust particles from semiconductor wafers during manufacturing, not to protect men and women exposed to a spectrum of hazardous teratogen chemicals and fumes,” explained the lawsuit.

Boy’s Life Altered

Ryan Ruiz suffers from multiple birth defects, including severe brain injuries.

“He has suffered and will continue to suffer significant developmental impairments requiring special education needs,” states the suit.

(Source: News 8)

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