Family Awarded $14 Million for Son's Birth Injury

Family Awarded $14 Million for Son's Birth Injury

In a settlement on Tuesday, a Chicago family was awarded $14 million in their suit involving their 5-year-old son who suffered from severe brain injuries in 2002.

During his birth, the hospital staff members allegedly confused his heart rate with his mother’s, causing the child to have brain complications.

The Lawsuit

In the suit made against the Northwestern Memorial Hospital the plaintiff claimed that when the baby was born he was not breathing and staffers weren’t prepared to resuscitate him because of their monitoring error.

According to reports, the child suffered for seven minutes, which caused him to now have cerebral palsy and the paralysis of his arms and legs.

Georgiann Vlachos, delivered her first child around noon May 24, 2002, at Prentice Women's Hospital, which is part of the Northwestern system.

The nurse and obstetrician apparently misinterpreted the child’s heart rate before the delivery, not realizing that the baby was in fetal distress.

The neonatal resuscitation team was not called on to help the baby until it was too late and he was already delivered, appearing blue and limp, according to the family’s attorney, Kurt Lloyd.

When the resuscitation team finally came, the seven minutes he went without oxygen had already damaged his system and caused him to suffer from spastic quadriplegia.

The Settlement

Lloyd reports that the family is pleased with the settlement.

"They are very relieved," Lloyd said. "Now they can provide for the child for the rest of his life."

Though no amount of money can compensate for the emotional pain they have suffered, or for the physical impairment of their son. He will never be able to walk or talk.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

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