Wrongful Death Suit Filed After Blood Transfusion

Wrongful Death Suit Filed After Blood Transfusion

The family of a 53-year-old San Antonio woman who died after twice receiving transfusions of the wrong type of blood, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming the hospital staff’s negligence was a direct result of her death.

In 2004, Sylvia Rivera was checked into Wilford Hall Medical Center and diagnosed with anemia—low blood count. Doctors ordered a blood transfusion.

Rivera was transfused with at least two units of type A blood. She has type O blood. Documents revealed that the blood sample hospital staff used to match Rivera’s blood type was actually mixed up with her hospital roommate’s type.

Several days later, Rivera “died as a result of hemolytic transfusion reaction from receiving incompatible blood,” according to a report after her death.

The wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the government, a civilian contractor, and a private nurse staffing company that was responsible for Rivera’s care during her hospital stay.

The family previously filed a negligence claim seeking $10 million compensatory damages. A dollar figure is not included in the current lawsuit.

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