Family Set to File Lawsuit for Boating Accident

Family Set to File Lawsuit for Boating Accident

After being severely injured in a boating accident on Long Island, a 47-year-old woman’s family has hired an attorney to carry through a lawsuit against the barge company they claim is at fault.

Boat Trip Ends with Injuries

A barge and tugboat owned by Seaboats Inc. in Massachusetts allegedly collided with Leibe Ociele Medina’s 24-foot boat on June 10.

When Medina, a woman from the Bronx, and her family took their fishing boat out for a leisurely trip on the sound, they had no idea that it would end so tragically.

The collision is reported to have destroyed and submerged the Medina’s vessel and Leibe Ociele Medina was immediately rushed to the St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn with severe brain injuries.

Family Takes Action

After Leibe’s 32-year old daughter, Yuli Conely, was told by doctor’s at St. Francis that her mother was going to be pulled from life support when her brain injuries and coma were worsening, the Medina family decided that something needed to be done for this unexpected and life altering boat accident.

The family hired attorney Bob Sullivan to carry through a lawsuit against Seaboats Inc.

“This was so preventable. You can’t move something that large without watching where you’re going,” Sullivan explains.

The defendant’s lawyer has declined to comment on the accident seeing as the U.S. Coast Guard and Nassau Police Marine Bureau are still investigating the accident, but has sent his deepest sympathy’s to a family who has endured such an unnecessary loss.


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