Tragic Boston Construction Accident Claims Three

Tragic Boston Construction Accident Claims Three

A tragic construction accident in downtown Boston has claimed the lives of three people and crushed several cars. According to officials, a construction crane being used for the assembly of a new dormitory at Emerson College collapsed on Monday causing the fatal accident.

“It’s terrible,” commented the city’s Mayor Thomas M. Menino. “People just driving down the street in their cars, construction workers just doing their jobs they never knew what hit them.”

John Hynes who witnessed the collapse of the crane as he drove up Boylston Street commented, “You could see it coming down and then I started rolling forward. It started to hit my car, and then I sped up.” Hynes, the grandson of the former mayor of Boston was in one of cars crushed when the crane came down.

Other witnesses reported a loud rumbling followed by the crash of scaffolding which caused a large cloud of dust and metal.

The Emerson College 14-story dormitory has been under construction for two years and was scheduled to be open for the fall 2006 semester. David Rosen, Emerson’s Vice President of Public Affairs reported that no Emerson students were injured in the accident.

“It’s very distressing,” Rosen commented. “We’re waiting for the police and fire to investigate.”

Macomber Builders, the contractors responsible for the construction site have not yet commented on the tragedy.

Macomber Builders is based in South Boston and has been involved in construction for over 100 years.

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