Contractor’s Safety Records In Boston Accident

Contractor’s Safety Records In Boston Accident

Further investigations regarding Monday’s tragic Boston construction accident have revealed the troublesome safety records of the construction sites’ contractor and subcontractor.

Macomber Builders, the primary contractor for the Emerson College dorm construction site, has allegedly been targeted with numerous citations over the years for building safety violations.

The two contractors responsible for the site have inevitably become a target for investigation after the lives of three innocent people were tragically lost when a crane and building scaffolding came crashing down from the dormitory onto Boylston Street.

According to reports from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Macomber was cited by federal authorities for having insufficient guardrails and unsafe scaffolding during construction at the Children’s Hospital in Boston in 2004. In that same year, the company was also cited for putting workers at risk at a construction site in Jamaica Plain.

The South Boston-based contracting company is currently named in two workplace injury lawsuits from employees who were injured on their construction sites.

Thomas J. Smith, who worked on a construction site at Bay State Medical Center for Cancer Care in Springfield, claims that Macomber is liable for the extensive back injuries he suffered on the job and is seeking compensation for over $14,000.

Lawrence O’Sullivan, a former employee of a Macomber subcontractor is also seeking compensation for workplace injuries that occurred while on the job. Sullivan is suing Macomber for nearly $150,000 in damages for his serious hand injury.

The subcontractor involved in the Emerson College dormitory crane accident has also elicited safety concerns in the past. Bostonian Masonry Corp. has been cited several times in by OSHA for insufficiently clearing debris, dangerous scaffolding and worker safety violations.

Bostonian Masonry was also the target of a workplace injury lawsuit in 2000, when an employee was struck by a several hundred pound rock on the job.

Further investigations will continue to determine a possible culprit for this fatal and devastating accident.

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