Woman Awarded $8.25 Million After Botched Breast Augmentation

Woman Awarded $8.25 Million After Botched Breast Augmentation

A Florida jury awarded $8.25 million in damages to a woman who lost her breasts after a botched breast augmentation surgery.

Christy Aills was 28 when she underwent a breast lift and augmentation procedure in February 2003. Since that time, she has undergone an additional 13 surgeries and suffered the loss of her breasts to rectify the initial damage of the botched procedure.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Luciano Boemi failed to properly inform Aills of the risks associated with the surgery. Dr. Boemi was also accused of failing to ensure that Aills received enough blood supply to her breasts during the procedure.

As a result of the insufficient blood supply, the tissue around Aills’ areolae died, eventually causing her to lose both breasts. The jury awarded Aills $250,000 to cover medical expenses and personal costs, and $8 million for her pain and suffering.

“Christy suffered a great deal. It was a fair verdict and we are pleased with it,” said attorney Jeff Garvin.

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