Man Awarded $1 M in Botched Care of Momís Body

Man Awarded $1 M in Botched Care of Momís Body

A Bronx jury awarded a man $1 million in compensation after a hospital grossly mishandled his mother’s body when she died during a routine procedure.

Veronica Gibson’s body was stored in a heated room in the hospital rather than the morgue and wasn’t picked up for 38 hours after her death.

Funeral director Anthony Grieg who found the body in the heated room claimed it was so severely decomposed that it could no longer be embalmed, depriving the family the right to an open casket.

According to the plaintiff’s lawyer Edward Spark, Gibson’s son William was wrongfully denied the opportunity to see his mother one last time, to hold her hand, kiss her forehead, and properly say goodbye because the coffin was closed.

While Gibson is happy with the $1 million reward, he said that money would never make up for the losses he suffered at the hands of the hospital.

“Everyday I wake up and she’s not around, I feel sad and alone,” said William Gibson.

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