Cases of Botulism Lead to Product Recall

Cases of Botulism Lead to Product Recall

In early July, Castleberry Food Co. recalled many of its products due to reported cases of botulism associated with the canned food throughout the U.S.

Castleberry Food Co. has a manufacturing plant in Augusta, Georgia and after FDA officials conducted tests, the company recalled 90 of their chili products, including hash and stew.

Man Paralyzed with Botulism Poisoning

A 52-year old man from New Mexico is reportedly paralyzed with botulism poisoning due to eating the chili.

After being rushed to the hospital in late July, the man now only communicates by wiggling his toes.

According to reports conducted by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, four people in Indiana and Texas were also hospitalized around this time after eating contaminated hot dog sauce produced by Casteberry.

Tests Positive for Contamination

When the Food and Drug Administration’s investigators tested some of the products produced at Castleberry’s plant they found Clostridium botulinum, the bacteria that causes botulism.

The investigators concluded that the cause of the tainted products was that many of them were not properly cooked and Clostridium botulinum grew in the cans, producing the botulism toxin.

Health officials have warned consumers not to eat the recalled products and to instead, dispose of them immediately.

(Source: Food Consumer)

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