Boy Receives $6.7M in Brain Injury Suit

Boy Receives $6.7M in Brain Injury Suit

A settlement was recently reached in the case involving a boy who was clubbed with a baseball bat.

The incident, which took place in Salt Lake City, left the boy with severe brain injuries.

Batter Takes a Swing and Injures Child

Dalton Nielson was only seven-years-old when he ran onto the field at Lehi Veterans Memorial Park to return a foul ball to the players.

Nielson was accidentally clubbed with a bat while a player was warming-up.

Parents File Suit

The batter was eventually dismissed from the suit and Lehi reached a settlement with the American Fork family before the jury announced its verdict.

Cliff Payne, an attorney for the U.S. Specialty Sports Association is pointing the finger at the umpire for letting children return foul balls between innings.

Boy Left Brain Injured

Nielson reportedly spent two weeks at the Primary Children’s Medical Center after enduring brain surgery following the incident.

“The system works. Dalton has now been compensated for his tragic and terrible brain injury,” explained the attorney  

(Source: Deseret Morning News)

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