Boy Killed By Runaway Plane, Lawyer Seeks Witnesses

Boy Killed By Runaway Plane, Lawyer Seeks Witnesses

A lawyer for the parents of a 6-year-old boy who was killed on Thursday when a plane went off of a runway and crashed into their car is asking any witnesses to come forward.  The boy, Joshua Woods, was killed in the highly publicized plane crash this past Thursday night at Chicago, Illinois’ Midway Airport.

Autopsy reports show that the plane’s impact on the car was what killed the boy.  Lawyer Ronald Stearney Jr. is asking for the public’s help in clearing up what exactly occurred during the plane incident.  No charges or suits have been filed so far.

 The National Transportation Safety Board is conducting a series of investigations into the incident and the plane, which has been moved to a hanger while the investigation continues.  The Board is examining both controls in the cockpit of the plane and the plane’s thrusters, which may have been to blame for the accident.

Pilots and crewmembers who were on board the Boeing 737 said that the thrusters did not activate in time and with the strength that they were supposed to when the plane landed on Thursday. 

Thursday was the scene of a major snowstorm in the city and throughout the Midwestern US.  The plane, carrying 98 passengers, landed and skidded off of a runway, crashing through a nearby fence and heading into the freeway, hitting two cars.

The boy who was killed had two brothers, also in the car, and who suffered from their own injuries.  The boy’s parents, Lisa and Leroy Woods, also sustained several injuries from the crash.

The runway involved in the incident remains closed pending the results of an investigation.





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