Boy Dies from Serious Brain Injury

Boy Dies from Serious Brain Injury

A six-year-old boy died Sept. 30 after falling out of a buggy and suffering serious brain injuries. Joshua Dawes fell from the buggy at the Hamilton Island’s Reef View Hotel two days earlier and was cleared to return to the hotel by a doctor at a nearby medical clinic.

"He was given the all-clear and later that afternoon ... when we checked the family to see if he was OK, the family reported that he was OK, just a bit sore and not feeling very well," said a resort spokeswoman. "He went to sleep on Monday night and then on Tuesday morning he was found dead."

According to brain surgeon Robert Campbell, bruising and swelling of the brain may not be immediate following a traumatic injury, however, chronic headaches and vomiting should be obvious signs of a serious injury to the brain.

Second Fatal Buggy Accident at the Resort

Dawes is not the first to die after falling out of a buggy on the resort grounds. According to reports, five years ago, Christopher Neil Moon was driving one of the resort buggies when passenger Alex Nissen fell out of the buggy and hit his head.

Nissen died two days later from traumatic brain injuries sparking an investigation of the hotel roads and the buggy culture. Buggies are still the only form of motorized transportation on the exclusive island and both deaths have led to changes in their operations.


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