Brain Injured Man Sues Harley-Davidson For Defect

Brain Injured Man Sues Harley-Davidson For Defect

An Illinois man has filed a lawsuit against motorcycle makers Harley-Davidson for the life changing brain injuries he suffered when thrown from his motorcycle.  Forty-four year old Tom Hawkinson was riding his motorcycle in 2004 when the bike began to wobble, tossing him from his seat onto the road. 

The once accomplished businessman and vice president of the Hawkinson Ford Dealership in Oak Lawn is now living with debilitating brain injuries that prevent him from living a normal life.  “He was a successful businessman.  Now, he’s incapacitated and has gone through a number of brain surgeries,” comments Hawkinson’s attorney Max Maccoby. 

Hawkinson’s lawsuit states that Harley-Davidson manufacturers were away of the serious defects in the bike, causing it to wobble at over 50 miles per hour.  The suit also alleges that multiple other lawsuits have been filed by other Harley owners that have experienced the same problems. 

Hawkinson’s attorney has commented that the wobble problem with the Harley-Davidson is so widely known that motorcycle repair shops often openly advertise repairs for the defective models.  Maccoby claims that it was a “design or manufacturing defect” that was responsible for the crash and his client’s current condition. 

“A driver coming toward him saw his front light wobble back and forth for about 10 seconds before he was thrown,” says Maccoby.  “Now, he suffers from disorientation, he fatigues easily and he can’t multi-task.  He tried going back to work, but he couldn’t,” his attorney added. 

Hawkinson, who was riding the Dan Wide Glide model of the motorcycle when the accident occurred, is claiming unspecified damages for his grave injuries.  “He can’t work and is unable to maintain the life he had before,” Maccoby concluded on behalf of his client. 

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