Brain Injury Victim Awarded $12.2 Million

Brain Injury Victim Awarded $12.2 Million

A Virginia woman who suffered serious brain injury after a slip and fall at a gas station convenience store was awarded more than $12 million in damages. Attorneys believe the verdict is the largest ever of its kind in the state.

Annette Ritzmann, a cosmetologist, slipped on a puddle left by a leaky awning in August 2003 as she was attempting to pay for gas and purchase a paper at a former Miller Mart. Days after the accident, she returned to work but was having difficulty concentrating and performing multiple tasks at once.

According to doctors, Ritzmann was suffering from post-concussion symptoms. In 2005, she sued the gas station for failing to warn customers about the puddle or prevent them from slipping on it.

Stephen Smith, one of Ritzmann’s attorneys, said Miller Mart officials admitted knowing that the curb was dangerous during depositions. Smith also said it’s unlikely that Ritzmann—who continues to suffer seizures—will ever be able to return to work.

“There is no prosthetic brain. You could giver her $100 million – it’s still not going to replace the brain cells she’s lost,” he said.

(Source: Daily Press)

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