Brooklyn Construction Accident Ends Fatally

Brooklyn Construction Accident Ends Fatally

The family of a worker who was killed in a tragic construction accident is now seeking legal action as well as criminal charges against the Brooklyn building’s owner and contractors. Forty-seven year old Tony Duncan was performing excavation work for the soon to be eight story Brooklyn building when the wall of an adjacent building came crashing down, burying the worker.

Family members are devastated, alleging that it was the negligence of building owners and property contractors that led to the death of Duncan. “This is man slaughter. And it’s man slaughter because it’s such a degree of recklessness, such a wanton disregard for human life by failing to do the things that are not only required by law but demanded by common sense and just a concern for your workers,” commented Joseph Tacopina, the attorney representing the Duncan family.

According to the city, Tacopina’s claims may not be unfounded. The Department of Buildings commented after the construction accident that the permits for the building were never obtained by owner Viera Novak and the general contractors. There had allegedly been four previous complaints regarding the condition of the building prior to the tragic accident, however, the Department of Buildings found them to be unsubstantiated.

The family represented by Tacopina is now seeking legal action against owner Viera Novak, general contractor A1 Construction, and subcontractor X.K. Vate. They also plan to seek criminal charges through the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office.

The distraught family hopes to prevent future construction accidents from occurring by taking publicized legal action over the incident.

Duncan’s son, Tony Duncan commented on the loss of his father, “He was very hard working. He was the main provider. Both of my parents worked but he was the main provider.”

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