Man Sues Station for BTK Defamation

Man Sues Station for BTK Defamation

A man who was wrongly suspected of the BTK serial killings has filed a defamation lawsuit against a Wichita, Kansas television station for reporting his name and allegedly ruining his reputation.

The Wichita man, Roger Valadez is suing Emmis Communications, owner of KNSW at the time, and also Todd Spessard, KNSW’s news director. The lawsuit claims the station’s coverage of his arrest for unrelated, minor offenses defamed him.

The Arrest

A tip fingered Valadez as a suspect in the BTK killings (the killer called himself the BTK killer, BTK standing for bind, torture, kill). Police busted into his house with a battering ram on Dec. 1, 2004, and entered the house with guns ready. Valadez was arrested on minor, unrelated warrants.

The police also collected potential evidence, and a DNA sample from Valadez’s mouth.

Valadez was never even charged with the killings. He was released and cleared long before the real killer, Dennis Rader, confessed to all 10 BTK slayings, and was arrested.

The Damages

“Not a single day goes by that Roger Valadez Doesn’t feel the pain inflicted on him by KSN,” Craig Shultz, his attorney said.

“We were just reporting what was happening,” Spessard said in his defense.

The station’s defense attorney said, “This wasn’t a KSN story – this story was everywhere.”

However, KSN was the only station that named Valadez on the air. “Every other station respected the rights of Mr. Valadez,” Schultz said.

Valadez seeks a public apology, and $75,000 in damages related to his ruined reputation, according to the lawsuit.

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