Father of Burn Victim Plans to File Suit

Father of Burn Victim Plans to File Suit

The father of a 14-year-old girl who suffers from third degree burns due to a fatal motel fire plans to sue the motel for negligence.

Destructive Fire

The fire, which occurred early on June 7, happened on the second floor of the Budget Inn and is said to have started near a stack of mattresses behind the building.

Investigators believe the fire was caused by arson.

Shae-von Butler was the only survivor from room 210 after the fire took the lives of her mother, brother, sister and great uncle.

The family members were reportedly killed after they attempted to climb into the bathroom shower to fight off flames and became the victims of smoke inhalation.

Father Seeks Justice

After losing a large portion of his family to the fire and seeing his daughter suffer from severe third degree burns, Devon Butler Sr., is determined to unravel the cause of the case and seek justice for the family he has lost.

“It’s very difficult,” says the 30-year-old Chicago man, “but at the same time, I have to be strong for Shae.”

Butler plans to sue the motel management alleging that they failed to properly maintain their rooms and that the motel door handles were broken at the of the fire, which could have prevented the tragic deaths and injuries caused to his family.

According to another resident at the extended stay Budget Inn, “The door room handles were breaking, and I replaced mine and the ones next door for my neighbors because they were falling apart.”

“I’m making a personal plea if anyone who has knowledge of how the fire started and with any information regarding the broken doors and other problems that existed at the Budget Inn,” Butler said in a public announcement.

(Source: Clayton News Daily)

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