Woman Sues for Burn Injuries from Hair Salon

Woman Sues for Burn Injuries from Hair Salon

A suit was recently filed by a woman who claims she suffered burn injuries while getting her hair dyed at a salon in West Virginia.

The suit states that the woman received chemical burns to her face at the salon.

Suit Says Hair Dye Injured Woman

Jane Brenner claims that when she went to Hair Graphics to have her hair dyed, the hair dye splashed onto her face.

When Brenner returned to the salon three days later to have the dye removed from her face she was reportedly given salon grade hair dye remover.

In the suit, Brenner says the dye remover further damaged her skin.

Plaintiff Suffers from Chemical Burns

“The use of said salon grade hair dye remover immediately caused (Brenner’s) skin to slough off,” states the suit.

When she sought medical attention for her injuries, Brenner was supposedly diagnosed with chemical burn that was caused by a caustic product.

Brenner is seeking compensation for her mental distress, depression and the emotional effect that the burns have had.

(Source: The West Virginia Record)

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